Social Media Marketing, The Full Story.

Social Media and Targeting

This biggest misconception with many different business owners is that social media is limited to Facebook and Instagram. Although these platforms are extremely popular, there are other social media applications that are not only growing in popularity but are very effective for marketing and growing in numbers by the millions.


How To Target Multiple Social Applications

It can be challenging for many businesses to properly and effectively target multiple social media applications simultaneously. Our approach targets the vehicle of these applications which is the mobile phone. The mobile phone is the key to unlocking these applications for your everyday person. According to a Provision Living Study, the average American spends just about 38 hours per week on their mobile phone. Additionally, according to, the average time your average American spends on social media per day is around 2 hours and 3 minutes. Wrap your head around those facts.

Facebook is still the leading player in the social media app space, but the competition is growing and there is plenty of room for growth in the market. It's important to work with a company that knows how to target mobile phone users effectively when it comes to social media marketing.

Social Profile Optimization

The first step in targeting users of the many popular and heavily used social media platforms is to create business profiles on these websites/applications. It takes time to build up a following but partnering with the right agency can help you grow your many profiles and follower base quickly by optimizing your social profiles. Remember, many people search social platforms for businesses and not just Google so it is important to have an established presence. Our team generates traffic from multiple sources when it comes to lead generation. We leave no stone unturned as they all have their respective value.


The Next Big Thing

Throw your political views out of the picture. These next two social platforms are growing in popularity and usage extremely fast. Gab is very similar to Facebook and Twitter. It has been around for a while but is now gaining ground at a rapid pace. They are deemed. More and more people are flocking to this platform and can enjoy the freedom of speaking freely without the threat of censorship. 

The next app that already has 1 million users and growing is the coming of Truth Social. It is a social media application put together by Former US President Donald Trump. It will be fully available at the end of March 2022, but has an enormous waitlist. Again, take politics out of the equation, these two platforms will present huge marketing opportunities for businesses in 2022.

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