Our clients don't just get leads when they buy a combo package, they get online real estate and a consistent lead flow from page 1 search engine rankings. We optimize sites not only for Google but for many other search engines. SEO has much more value when it works in conjunction with social media marketing, video marketing, and paid local search campaigns.


The Goal of SEO

The goal of SEO or local search engine optimization is to obtain page 1 search engine rankings for keywords that have strength in traffic and for outside of the box keywords that produce leads. Why pay per click if you can own what we refer to as "online real estate". It's not easy to obtain these rankings and it takes some time, but not a long time. It's also not easy to maintain your page 1 ranking either. It is a project that requires constant attention and structure.

The Structure of SEO

The structure of SEO isn't as simple as many would have you believe. It's also not as difficult as some companies may want you to think and what it really comes down to is basic mathematics. That's right, basic math. Take a look at the SEO wheel here to get an idea of some of the many elements of a great SEO campaign structure. 

Our team can take a look at your site and compare it to that of your competitors in order to identify why your site is not ranking vs. why your competitor's site is ranking well. In fact, (thanks to advanced software) we can take a deeper dive into your competition's website, its link structure, and how they were able to obtain their page 1 rankings. This allows us to formulate the perfect SEO plan when used in conjunction with strong Social Media and Video Marketing Campaigns.