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The Ads Social Team specializes in Lead Generation For Contractors, B2B Businesses, and Real Estate.

With the Right Type of Campaign, and Structure, Great Things Can Happen

Any marketing agency can promise website traffic, clicks, and show off a healthy analytics report. In reality, that doesn't always equal quality leads or feed your bottom line. Our team has a specific structure for lead generation that has worked for many years and with time has only become much more effective. 

Structure and targeting are everything when it comes to building a campaign that is profitable. When the ideal candidates for your business are heavily targeted, those prospects turn into leads and ultimately customers.

How Do We Do It?

As you will see below, the marketplace is a moving target. In order to find customers or clients for your business, it is extremely important to know what consumers are using and how they prefer to engage. This is why structure and targeting are essential to a successful leads campaign. 

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Landing Page: The first building block to a successful leads campaign is an effective landing page with a clear message and call to action. The landing page has to get the attention of the consumer quickly and suit the needs of their search to get them to take action.


The Audience: It is important to know who your ideal customers/clients are. It is an essential step in the targeting phase and the next step is knowing what social apps/websites those types of users are interacting with on a daily basis.


The Campaign: Once we have established who your ideal clients/customers are, their demographics, their interests, and other factors, we can then launch an effective campaign. The one thing that 99% of consumers all have in common is a mobile phone and social media applications. Our lead generation campaigns target mobile users,  and social media app users combined with local search to ensure success.



Our goal is to build high-quality campaigns that deliver results. Our clients have even greater success when we handle their SEO, Local Search, and Social Media Marketing Campaigns. These types of campaigns are only available for contractors and real estate professionals. Click below for pricing.

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Ready to buy leads? Check out our lead pricing options and see if they are a good fit for your business goals. (only offering leads for landscape contractors and all areas of home improvement) SEO and Social Media Marketing services are available for other industries.


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